Rick David

Investment Advisor

The “Long and Short of It”...

Today’s financial markets are more connected than ever before and with the rise of high speed technology, the world literally never sleeps as business transactions occur around the globe 24/7. Looking at business news can often leave you with questions about the daily fluctuations in markets and more importunately, what that means for your investments. It just makes good sense to retain professional advice.

When I meet clients for the first time, I hear many similar concerns. I start by working with you to discuss and define you specific financial goals and needs. Often people wonder “Is it safe?” or “Will this work for me?” They question, “How much it will cost?” Knowing many clients have shared these anxieties, we create a financial plan that allocates capital, reduces risk and it inexpensive to operate.

Your goals and needs become the foundation of our plan, the framework consists of investment and insurance portfolios. Pre-established standards will measure the performance of the investment plan. The day-to-day maintenance keeps everything on track. The finished product will consist of solutions that will help you to achieve your goals of today and tomorrow. My clients find this method easy to understand, are comfortable with the mechanics of it and are secure in its structure.


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